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Postilion Realtime

This course is intended to introduce participants to the Realtime Software Development Kit (SDK) and some of the fundamentals of EFT so that they can write Realtime source and sync interfaces and node integration drivers. Participants also learn how to access the Realtime database using the SDK.

Who should attend
The course is intended for anyone who will be required to develop software, including network source and sync interfaces, to integrate with Realtime.

5 days

• Participants must be proficient in Java (strongly preferred) or C++ and be familiar with object oriented programming.
• Participants must have sufficient knowledge of SQL to be able to write basic queries.
• Payments Specialized Training: Postilion Realtime (preferred) or Postilion Payments Basic Training

• Participant workbook
• Presentation
• Virtual machine training environment

Module Objectives
This outline is subject to change without notice as the course develops.
• Course introduction
• Realtime overview
• Getting started
• Realtime framework SDK
• Developing applications
• Developing interfaces
• Developing network interfaces
• Developing node integration drivers

For more information or to register for this course, please contact [email protected]