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EU Webinar: Real-Time Payments Value Realisation is Here

EU Webinar: Real-Time Payments Value Realisation is Here

The ECB says that 50% of credit transfers will be real-time within the next five years and Ovum has predicted that ¾ trillion euros in annual retail expenditure will move to instant payments across Europe by 2027. Real-time payments is here and growing fast. You need to stay competitive in this aggressively changing marketplace. There is a fight for market share. Regulators have stimulated the marketplace, Fintechs are quickly moving in and consumers are demanding and adopting real-time payments.

Please join ACI Worldwide, Vocalink, KPMG & Rabobank as we discuss the key real-time payments issues facing European banks & financial institutions. The format will be a panel discussion on the topics below and a Q&A.

  • What is the business case for real-time payments and how does it differ across Europe and globally?
  • What are some of the most promising value-added services banks could offer corporates via a payments hub?
  • How do financial institutions make the most of TIPS to avoid fragmentation?
  • What are the implications for a tactical Vs strategic implementation of real-time?
  • How does real-time impact cross border strategy?
  • What role does technology play in helping banks unlock the power of real-time payments?
  • How can we ensure the success of fraud prevention in a real-time payments world?


  • Barry Kislingbury, Director of Solution Consulting – Real-Time Payments, ACI Worldwide
  • George Evers, Senior Vice President Product - Real-Time Payments, Vocalink
  • Jürgen Wagner, Associate Director, Financial Services Consulting and the Head of KPMG’s UK payments practice
  • Heimen Schuring, Head of Channel Support & Payment Engine, Rabobank

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