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Powering Seamless Digital Payments with ACI and Google Pay

ACI is one of the first payment partners to power the acceptance of consumer payments through Google Pay — the consolidated digital payments wallet from Google.

Shoppers who have previously paid with Android Pay, used Chrome to automatically fill in payments information or purchased an app on Google Play are now automatically enrolled for Google Pay and will be able to seamlessly checkout using their preferred payments method.

This innovative solution offers merchants the opportunity to support billions of Google customers and a simple, effective route to process their transactions.

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Google Pay – Faster, Easier, Smarter Payments

Google users across the globe have hundreds of millions of credit and debit cards saved to their Google accounts to make paying for purchases fast and simple on Google properties such as Google Play, YouTube and Chrome.

Google Pay brings together customers with stored card details, along with users of Android Pay and Google Wallet under a single combined payments API – offering shoppers greater choice, convenience and peace of mind at checkout. Google Pay is simple and works securely with purchases in store, in-app and via the web.  

ACI allows merchants to access and support this valuable shopper segment with a single, fast integration to Google Pay.

Key merchant benefits:

  • Access hundreds of millions of cards from customers without the need for enrollment
  • Full Google Pay capabilities through a single, easy integration via ACI’s mSDK
  • Offer a seamless payments experience across channels
  • Support secure transactions with tokenization and fingerprint ID capabilities
  • Protect consumer information with Google encryption and off-premise data storage with ACI, a Google-certified payments provider

Get Started

Add the Google Pay button to your website and apps to enable a quick and seamless checkout experience for billions of shoppers.

If you’re a developer, visit our Developer Portal to see how you can implement Google Pay.


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