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Missy Rose

Missy Rose

Principal Product Manager | Transaction Banking

Missy Rose

Missy Rose brings the creative side to cash management solutions with an eye on overall strategy for Universal Online Banker, how it will play into future business financial needs of small businesses to large corporates and where the user experience should head. Missy started in product marketing evangelizing the first online cash management products in the late ‘90’s. In her current role of product manager she has led releases, been the champion of branding and design, and led ADA and UXD efforts. Missy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising from Syracuse University and a Masters in Art Education from Winthrop University. Missy currently lives and works outside of Charlotte North Carolina.

More articles by Missy Rose

  • Small business banking bacon?

    What’s Your Small Business Banking Bacon?

    Friday, August 18, 2017

    Every hip recipe has bacon in it these days. So why shouldn’t your digital banking experience be the same? After all, it’s a yummy addition that gives a standard dish that extra flair.

    Small business banking has been a prodigious untapped market for over a decade. Banks desperately strive to make revenue from this market, but in most cases, they have struggled to do so.

  • Driving Toward Innovation in Digital Banking User Experience

    Driving Toward Innovation in Digital Banking User Experience

    Friday, February 03, 2017

    The need for delivering on a user experience strategy necessitates the use of common and sometimes confusing lingo like CX, UX, information architecture, UX design and UI design. It introduces ways to gain deeper understanding of customers through methods like personas, journey mapping and Kano analysis. It commands phrases like customer-centric, experience-driven, and ideation/visioning. In the past 4 months, I have interviewed more than half a dozen agencies to engage one that could go beyond the buzzwords and the methods described above. I want to be convinced that great and meaningful changes can happen to UI’s. After all, talk is cheap.