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Jay Floyd

Jay Floyd

Principal Fraud Strategy Consultant

Jay Floyd

Jay Floyd is a subject matter expert in Financial Crime prevention having spent the last sixteen years in fraud prevention roles primarily within fraud analytics and strategy. He spent the first eight years with Citi / Egg Bank in the United Kingdom leading their Financial Crime Systems, Analysis & Reporting department. Through ACI Worldwide and another vendor, he has utilised his experience to benefit many other major financial institutions in America, South Africa, Australia, China, Latin America, Europe and the Middle-East.

He has also gained further expertise by working closely with many of these organisations giving him expert level knowledge of fraud detection systems and operations covering all aspects of Financial Crime through varying channels including Card, Account, Cheque, Merchant, Employee, Online/Mobile Banking, AML (KYC) and Application fraud.

More articles by Jay Floyd

  • multi layered fraud

    Multi-layered Fraud Strategies are Crucial to Win the Battle against Authorized Push Payment Fraud

    Tuesday, September 10, 2019

    This blog was co-authored by ACI’s Jay Floyd and Iain Swaine, head of Cyber Strategy for BioCatch in the EMEA region

    Have you ever received a text from your bank asking you to confirm a transaction by replying Yes or No? You then realise you don’t recognize the transaction, reply No, and receive another text instructing you to call a telephone number to discuss this unknown payment further. Suddenly you’re hit with the fear that someone has hacked into your bank account. But, do you ever consider that the text you received was, in fact, a scam?