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Cliff Elam

Cliff Elam

Manager – Business Development

Cliff Elam

Cliff has over 20 years management consulting experience in telco and other complex multi-national enterprises, specializing in customer experience improvements and cross-organization process improvement.

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  • Claim a Greater Slice of the Mobile Payments Pie

    Learn How to Claim a Greater Slice of the Mobile Payments Pie

    Thursday, December 12, 2019

    U.S. Wireless Players: $14.3B is at stake – are you in?

    Mobile commerce is thriving as consumers seek out convenient, quick and secure shopping experiences. And transaction growth on mobile devices is outpacing traditional desktop and in-store channels, aided by click and collect and one-click purchasing trends. For U.S. telcos, the message is clear: proactively add value to the payments process, or risk missing out on increasing your portion of the growing mobile payments market.