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Bridget Hall

Bridget Hall

Principal Product Manager

Bridget Hall

As principal product manager for real-time payments at ACI, Bridget works with industry partners to bring ACI's global payments experience around the globe. She has extensive experience in commercial analysis, operations and solutions innovation and is currently focused on the realization of Real-Time Payments.

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  • Real Time Payments Hits its Stride in the US

    Real-Time Payments Hits Its Stride in the U.S.

    Tuesday, November 05, 2019

    The recent announcement of FedNow in the U.S., the launch of cross-border services like SWIFT gpi, and multiple real-time payment systems including The Clearing House’s (TCH) RTP system and Zelle underline the fact that real-time payments are here to stay. The need to deliver real-time payment services to customers has never been more pressing for banks, credit unions, processors, acquirers and fintechs. However, the U.S. payments ecosystem – and its infrastructure – must keep pace with global markets to remain competitive, and interoperability between real-time payment systems will be key.