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Brad Kean

Brad Kean

Account Director - APAC


Brad Kean

Brad Kean has extensive experience working with, and for, some of Asia Pacific’s leading financial services institutions. Brad graduated from the Australian National University with a Commerce Degree, majoring in Accounting, and has more than 15 years’ payments experience working at MasterCard, Citi, First Data, as well as a fintech start-up.

In his current role as Account Director at ACI Worldwide, Brad works with both merchants and financial institutions, enabling them to deliver outstanding customer journeys and payments experiences.

More articles by Brad Kean

  • Appetite for APIs in Australia

    Working Up An Appetite for APIs in Australia

    Friday, August 03, 2018

    This week ACI hosted the latest installment of our #paymentsforbreakfast forums in Australia, with the early birds catching the open banking worm in both Sydney and Melbourne.

    Given the similarities between the Australian and UK open banking movements, we enticed ACI’s UK-based Lu Zurawski (Solutions Practice Lead - Retail Banking) to Australia to share his learnings from being heavily involved in the UK Open Banking working group.

  • Merchant Payments Breakfast Forum Australia

    Setting the Table for Success in the New World of Merchant Payments

    Thursday, May 24, 2018

    Once upon a time, not so very long ago, creating a payments journey for your customers was as simple as calling your bank, choosing from one of two (maybe three) terminal types that would enable your business to accept mag stripe cards. And then perhaps deciding whether to offer your customers American Express acceptance.

    How things have changed!