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At the time, this top-five mortgage servicer’s website was increasingly becoming a focal point, creating an opportunity to drive customers there on a regular basis through electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) via the web. The mortgage servicer also saw the need to put a scalable platform in place through which it could continually deliver new and emerging services, features and functionality.

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The Challenge

To grow their business profitably, the mortgage servicer wanted to offer the most convenient billing and payment experiences to existing and newly acquired customers.

The Solution

To find a solution for their three million customers, the mortgage servicer turned to ACI Speedpay solutions. ACI Speedpay solutions create happy customers with numerous easy payment options. Not only did this electronic bill presentment and payment service put smiles on customers’ faces, it boosted the servicer’s efficiency with a single integrated bill payments engine powering the entire operation.

The Results

The mortgage servicer raised their profitability while encouraging their customers’ use of low-cost channels. They grew electronic bill payment usage to 73% of customers, exceeding the financial services industry average.1

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