Case Study

Red Link Offers Customers New Payment Choices

The world of payments is evolving at the speed of light, especially in fast growing transformational markets such as Latin America, particularly Argentina. Financial service providers need to launch new innovative products and services to be successful. Red Link is one such company. As a leading supplier of payment solutions to the South American market, Red Link seeks out partnerships to support the new digital economy, ensuring it is the right technology partner for its customers, creating a community that provides and manages value-added financial solutions.
Red Link is an Argentinian company with 30 years’ experience. We are leaders in the processing of high-volume transaction and financial services. We operate the most important ATM network in Argentina and we are a forerunner in immediate payments and transaction processing.
Red Link is one of the most important processors of Latin America and in 2018 we celebrated 30 years of working as partners. The constant disruptions to the payment industry has established our relationship as a business partnership, which enables them to anticipate the constant changes, always maintaining an excellent standard of service to their end-users, with the highest availability.
We feel comfortable when working with ACI. We believe they are the best provider in the market.
Thanks to their local presence in Buenos Aires, we have a very close relationship, allowing us to align strategies with the product roadmap.
At the beginning, we worked with BASE24 on HP non-stop. This year we needed to connect to China UnionPay in record time. We decided to go for BASE24-eps and successfully met our business goals.
We will soon implement UP Framework to connect to the open platform ecosystem in an agile manner.
The key to choosing a technology partner is understanding its ability to generate long-term relationships that assist in reaching the company’s strategic objectives.
After 30 years, ACI is a prime example. As a leader in the payments industry, it is very important for us that companies like Red Link, a forerunner in innovation and service levels, are successful in their modernization and technology evolution strategy.
To put it simply, their success is our success. In our strategic view, the main objective is to strengthen our relationship with ACI, continuing to create a partnership that will allow us to achieve
new objectives with the new players in the new payments ecosystem.
UP Retail Payment solution has been adopted by over 80 banks and processors globally and brings together ACI’s best of breed switching platform with UP Framework to facilitate the processing of any type of payment.
Our biggest mid-term challenge is to improve our time to market. To achieve this we have to review our processes to eliminate repetitive tasks and be more competitive.
We need to keep working in partnership.
This has, and always will be, the key to achieve our goals.
What I like most about working with ACI is that we are at the forefront of technological breakthroughs.

In the new digital economy, it is important to ensure that consumers can pay the way they want to pay.

Adding new payment channels, such as China UnionPay, in an accelerated time is made possible through collaborative partnerships.

Red Link and ACI have recently celebrated their 30-year partnership and are working together to reach Red Link’s objective to connect to the open payments environment.

“For our strategic unit, the main objective is to strengthen our relationship with ACI, continuing to create a partnership that will allow us to achieve new objectives with the new players in the new payments ecosystem.”

Diego Manocchio

CIO (System Manager), Red Link