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In 2009, cash and check were the only means of bill payment for LCEC utilities. But in less than four years, LCEC has added numerous options including web, mobile, IVR and authorized payment stations. 

By meeting their customers where they want to be met today and in the future, LCEC executed an electronic bill payment strategy that raises customer satisfaction and lowers costs.

Expensive Bill Payment Centers Stymied Growth

LCEC customers had limited options for paying their utility bill, and operating costs for LCEC’s walk-in bill payment centers was $3 million per year, which represented 60% of their annual budget. LCEC wanted the ability to offer convenient payment options to increase customer satisfaction while lowering the cost of their payment centers.

Multi-Channel Bill Payment Experience Expands Choice

Working with ACI Worldwide, LCEC created a consistent, multi-channel bill payment experience for their customers. They implemented IVR (interactive voice response), mobile browser and web payment channels using the ACI Fee-Based Payments service. By leveraging ACI’s hosted, PCI-compliant solution, it enabled LCEC to accept credit card payments without bearing the cost of interchange.

New System Slashes Costs, Drives Change

Customers have flocked to LCEC’s new convenient electronic bill payment options, decreasing their use of mailed checks from 60% of payments in 2008 down to 20% in September 2013. Now 66% of payments are processed electronically. ACI’s Speedpay solutions enabled LCEC to close down two bill payment centers, resulting in a $3 million annual cost savings. By offering convenient, electronic payment options to their customers, LCEC increased their customer satisfaction by 10%, proving it’s possible to lower costs, while increasing customer satisfaction.