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Horizon Healthcare Services, Inc. leaped ahead by collaborating with ACI to offer more choices for members to sign up, pay for and renew their health insurance premiums. By moving from an in-house insurance payments system to ACI’s UP Bill Payment solutions, Horizon had a scalable solution to support exchange enrollment growth of 400% from 2014 to 2016. Moreover, to increase member retention, Horizon chose to offer a recurring card payments experience.

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Amazon raised consumer expectations for the experience they receive from all their service providers, including health plans. Horizon’s in-house payments system offered limited payment options and continued reliance on manual electronic payments processing, which would have dramatically increased operational costs as membership grew.

The UP Bill Payment solutions enabled Horizon to profitably grow membership by enhancing direct relationships with on-exchange and off-exchange members. Horizon offered web, IVR and call center payment options from a single integrated platform.

Expanded payment options not only enabled Horizon to support increased member enrollment, retention and efficiency across the board, but they also contributed to Horizon being named the best insurance company of 2016 by

Horizon Sees Dramatic Benefits

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Business Case for Recurring Card Payments


Growth in Exchange Enrollment

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