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The challenges facing PSPs, and by extension, their merchant customers, are easy enough to describe. But uncovering the root causes and implementing an action plan is easier said than done. However, with support from an experienced payments provider such as ACI, PSPs can deliver significant improvements in conversion rates for their merchants.

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Enabling 3x cross border


  1. An improper 3-D Secure setup blocks fraud and genuine purchases
  2. Merchants trigger fraud alerts by misusing data fields
  3. Overreliance on card security codes disrupts authentic sales
  4. Invalid data causes the acquiring bank to reject many transactions


After assessing the situation, ACI’s experts uncovered four major issues negatively affecting the conversion rate: an overly stringent 3-D Secure setup, merchants incorrectly using payment data fields for internal purchase reference information, an inadequate CSC setup and failing to validate data before it was sent to the acquirer. By taking action to correct each of these issues, ACI’s guidance helped the PSP’s merchants vastly improve conversion rates.


The problems the PSP and its merchants faced in their cross-border endeavors are common when expanding into relatively unfamiliar new markets. Every merchant had the tools needed to achieve a high conversion rate in every country, they only lacked a coherent and specific strategy to deal with the various situations. ACI’s expert guidance helped the PSP identify the problems and direct the merchants to take precise action using ACI tools, ultimately raising the overall conversion rate from 23% to nearly 72%.

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