Case Study

Credit Union Loan Source Modernizes Its Auto Loan Payments Experience

For auto loan servicer Credit Union Loan Source (CULS), meeting the needs of its customers meant not only improving its existing platform, but also adding new, popular payment methods and channels — all to drive greater satisfaction while reducing call volumes and confusion. See how they leveraged ACI Speedpay, including ACI moBills, to reduce call center volumes, raise satisfaction and increase self-service and recurring payments. 

“From the start, it has been a real partnership, where the focus is on how we can leverage ACI’s expertise and ACI can help support our growth goals.”

Ruthann Riggs, COO
Credit Union Loan Source

The Challenge

  1. CULS did not have a unified customer experience across payment channels
  2. Very little account information was available online and there was no centralized way to make payments
  3. Each payment type offered a different experience
  4. This inconsistent process led to heavy call center volumes 

The Solution

  • CULS selected ACI Worldwide due to its ability to seamlessly integrate with existing loan servicing software
  • The auto loan servicer converted its platform to the ACI Speedpay solution to deliver a seamless online billing and payments experience
  • CULS also added additional capabilities, including ACI moBills, to give its customers mobile payment and billing options

The Results

  • Through its expanded and simplified payment offerings, CULS has reduced inbound call volume by 20%
  • 30% of new customers now enroll in mobile payments
  • Interactive voice response payments have increased by 89%, while CULS has seen a 20% increase in recurring ACH payments


Credit Union Loan Source


Auto Finance

Company Size:

51- 100 employees


United States