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September 27, 2021

ISO 20022 for Europe: How to Speak the New Language of High-Value and Real-Time Payments

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September 24, 2021

Fraud Prevention on Subscription Plan: What Makes It an Attractive Model for Banks? [Q&A]

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September 15, 2021

Why Real-Time Payments and Why Now?

Mobile bill payment barcode scan concepts


September 9, 2021

Understanding Alternative (Bill) Payment Methods

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September 2, 2021

Payments Orchestration: Music to the Ears of Merchants?

Payments orchestration is a hot topic in eCommerce and involves working with multiple payment providers to optimize customer conversion, enhance cost savings and improve fraud prevention processes.

Data Security


August 24, 2021

Data Is Evolving – Are Your Fraud Prevention Services Keeping Pace?

It’s a constant struggle – as consumer behavior evolves, so do fraud tactics, as fraudsters seek vulnerabilities exposed by rapid change. And there’s no disputing that the pandemic has changed consumer behavior and accelerated the adoption of digital payment methods.

Data and Analytics


June 23, 2021

Monetizing Payments Data: How Merchants Can Leverage the Power of Analytics

In the world of commerce, everything is driven by data. The information that merchants collect and analyze determines the marketing channels they use, what products they stock and which customers they focus on.

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June 18, 2021

QR Codes Strike Back!

In the early 2010s, quick response (QR) codes were widely viewed as a challenger to NFC-based payments. While that held true in various Asian markets, QR codes remained largely absent from the U.S. and other western markets.

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April 8, 2021

EMV at the Pump: Is It Really That Secure?

Last weekend I went spring skiing, well spring snowboarding — but you know what I mean. It was sunny, with temperatures in the 50s — an epic day of carving mashed potatoes to close my snowboarding season.


January 7, 2021

Merchants Don’t Need a Payments Gateway, They Need a Payments Hub

The term “payments gateway” over-simplifies what it takes to process a payment. The terminology comes from the early days of online payment processing, but has now entered the vernacular for all aspects of merchant payments, including online, mobile and in-store.

Prime Time for Real-Time

Global Payment Trends
As the world adopts real-time payments, how does your market stand to benefit?


December 16, 2020

Adding Fuel to the Fraud Fire

Payments fraud is a widespread and difficult issue in the fuel segment. Fuel dispensers are a common target for certain types of fraud – and fuel merchants often lack visibility into the level and impact of that fraud.


November 24, 2020

Agnosticity: Giving Fuel Merchants the Freedom and Flexibility to Innovate

The absolute minimum that customers demand from their transaction at the fuel stop is a fast, convenient and secure payments experience. But there is also room for fuel merchants to build loyalty and boost upselling by delivering more than just a good price on fuel and a fast payments process.


November 18, 2020

Do Merchants Have the Right Tools to Tune Their Engines for the Innovation Race?

2020 has been a year of many, many changes, across nearly all walks of life and business. One beacon of light is that these circumstances have pressed the digital acceleration button, in some cases advancing digital uptake and innovation by years, within a matter of a few months.


September 17, 2020

Platform Driven Payments Can Drive Improved Profitability for Fuel and Convenience Store Merchants

Those of us who drive often don’t think too much about refueling our cars unless or until our tanks are nearing empty. And as long as the price is acceptable and the transaction efficient, a quick, convenient fill up is all we need.


August 31, 2020

Only One-Third of Major Fuel Merchants Have Fully Implemented EMV and 20 Percent are Still in the Planning Stage

Earlier this year, we blogged about the issue of EMV implementation in the U.S. fuel sector and the fraud issues fuel merchants can expect to see if they’re not ready by the extended April 2021 deadline.


August 27, 2020

Omni-Commerce Is Heating Up the Merchant Token Revolution

Merchants around the world have embraced the wisdom of keeping sensitive customer data (such as card numbers) out of their own environments, with tokens emerging as the tool of choice to bridge the gap. Merchant functions — including reservations, returns, reporting, rewards, research, reconciliation and more — have typically required access to sensitive data, but a series of high-profile breaches has highlighted the need to store card numbers in tightly secured safe harbors.