Shmuel Bollen

Principal User Experience Designer at ACI Worldwide

Shmuel's current research and design interests include measuring and designing for emotional engagement. He believes that this is the key to making the retail banking experience more than another commodity. In Shmuel's words;Companies and their customers don't just have a deal with each other, they have a relationship. Just like in a human relationship, there are expectations, and the relationship is built on the fulfillment of these expectations. But that's just a starting point. ACI's User Experience Team knows that you expect ACI software to work as advertised. But when our research-driven designs make your users and customers feel understood, when they become engaged emotionally, that deepens and strengthens the relationship they have with you in a way that simply meeting expectations cannot.”  Shmuel joined ACI in 2011, and works primarily on ACI's Payments Risk Management portfolio. He teaches in Bentley University's User Experience Certificate Program.

Articles by Shmuel Bollen


Why User Engagement Matters, Even for Enterprise Applications

As a User Experience Designer at ACI, I spend a lot of time watching users interact with my designs. I need to make sure our solutions work properly, but lately I’m more interested in how they make my users feel. Engagement is a dominant concept in user interface design right now. It’s important because positive emotional experiences often lead to increased use and loyalty.


How to minimize human bias in design testing (using benchmarks to track UI progress)

UI Design happens at the intersection of business needs and user needs. It’s easy to see if business needs have been met -- a simple checklist will work.

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