Seth Ruden

Sr. Fraud Consultant, Americas at ACI Worldwide

Seth Ruden is a Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist and has been working with banks in the detection and mitigation of financial crimes since 2004,in the compliance department of one of the largest global banks. Since then, he has worked with Law Enforcement, Regulators, Executives and Analysts in consulting positions beyond the United States, extending to financial services organizations in Asia, the Middle East and North and South America. Interests include Payments Security, Financial Crimes, Fraud, Money Laundering, Cyber Crime, Biometrics, Authentication, Data Breaches, Compromises, Risk Management, Hacking and Technology Innovation.

Articles by Seth Ruden


Despite the Hype, Machine Learning, Models, Behavioral Profiling and the Customer Experience are Still Fundamental

Think about the last time you got a fraud decline. Where were you? In the grocery store? Buying airline tickets? On holiday? Shopping in the same place you’ve been a dozen times, but across the border? How frustrating was that, what did it do to your perspective, your mood, your confidence in your financial institution? This can be embarrassing and inconvenient, stressful and alarming for the consumer. There are few things that can be more disruptive in our day-to-day lives then the lack of access to your funds, or the care taken by your financial institution after a fraud occurs. According to ACI’s Global Consumer Fraud Survey, 20% of people may decide this is too much and move along to another financial institution.


Fraud Awareness Month Canada – Return of the Lost and Stolen (and Authenticating Wearables in Canada)

A couple years ago, I penned a blog post to commend the Canadians on what made their culture so resilient to fraud that it developed the lowest fraud rates in the Northern Hemisphere. It got a bit of circulation and created significant positive feedback. This time, I would like to bring awareness back to Canada about a potential threat as it relates to the increasingly popular Tap payment channel.


How the Canadians are beating back fraud: An American’s take

Greetings, Canadians from your friends down south. While I am an American by passport, I am longing to be a Canadian in spirit, finding things like Poutine, Hockey and Cream Ale far better beyond the border.


The Burst of the EMV Bubble: 3 reasons why we still have a problem and one answer why it’s only temporary

So, here we are, living in the “future”…many of us now finally have chip cards; the G20 nations are all in the post “liability-shift” world; we’re all expecting to be living in the new paradigm.


When Everything Goes Dynamic: EMV, Tokens and CV2

Have you noticed the discussions in the payment card space revolving around some very similar technology concepts? It appears a handful of cryptic technologies are driving the conversation, seeking to solve a problem that is both complex and simple. What they have in common, as this author has some capacity to speak on, is fraud.

Prime Time for Real-Time

Global Payment Trends
As the world adopts real-time payments, how does your market stand to benefit?