Peter Larsson

Principal Solutions Consultant at ACI Worldwide

Peter Larsson is principal solutions consultant for real-time payments, covering Europe and North America. His particular focus is the Nordic region and his knowledge of key payments innovations including P27 comes from more than a decade up direct experience. Peter’s core focus is helping banks and financial intermediaries understand how to navigate the complexities resulting from the convergence of real-time payments and open banking, as well ensuring they leverage the new opportunities available as part of the evolving payments ecosystem.

Articles by Peter Larsson


What’s Next for Nordic Payments? P27 and the Rise of Real-Time and Cross-Border

The Nordic region has long been considered a pioneer of digital payments, with some of the lowest cash usage levels in Europe; however, the impact on cross-border payments has been limited when compared to progress on the domestic front. And this is a crucial area to address for a region with large volumes of trade and tourism between neighbors, as evidenced by the fact that 18,000 Swedish workers commute to Denmark on a daily basis. Not surprisingly, improving the cross-border payments experience and efficiency is a high priority.

Prime Time for Real-Time

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