Marc Trepanier

Principle Fraud Consultant at ACI Worldwide

Marc is a trusted global fraud risk professional that loves to stop the fraudsters and make a difference. He has 20 years of fraud risk management experience in banking and credit unions. His skillset includes all aspects of fraud risk management including prevention and detection, enterprise fraud risk assessments, payment card fraud, EMV, fraud analytics, neural scoring engines, strategy, and policy framework. His career started with a focus on credit card fraud in a large financial institution developing fraud strategies to combat card fraud including counterfeit, account takeover, and e-commerce, but eventually moved to a smaller institution in a wider role covering enterprise fraud including card, cheque, wire, online and mobile banking, first and third party abuse and identity theft. Marc is originally from Quebec and speaks French but is currently hailing from the west coast of Canada in the Vancouver area. In his free time you will find him hiking the trails of beautiful British Columbia or skiing the snowy slopes of the Rockies.

Articles by Marc Trepanier

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Real-Time Payments Fraud Detection: Smashing the Data Bottleneck with Network Intelligence

The recent revolution in artificial intelligence (AI) promises to transform real-time payments fraud detection for central infrastructures (CIs) and payment networks. Network intelligence is one of the ways that the full benefit of AI can be realized.


Predicciones de fraude para el 2020: Qué esperar con la rápida evolución del panorama de pagos en América Latina

Read this blog post in Portuguese   |   Read this blog post in English La industria de pagos en América Latina está experimentando diversos cambios en varios segmentos a medida que la población de la región está cada vez más bancarizada y comienza a usar pagos electrónicos. Aunque el efectivo sigue siendo la forma de pago dominante, los gobiernos han impulsado los pagos electrónicos a través de la regulación. Esto ha asegurado que la aceptación y el crecimiento del pago con tarjeta hayan aumentado constantemente, han aparecido bancos digitales en diferentes países y el comercio electrónico ha aumentado significativamente.


Previsões para fraudes em 2020: O que esperar com o cenário de pagamentos em rápida evolução na América Latina

Read this blog post in English   |   Read this blog post in Spanish As violações de dados que envolvem dados de pagamento dobraram no ano passado por várias razões - falta de inovação em segurança, prioridades corporativas equivocadas e fraquezas nos portais de desenvolvedores, para citar alguns.


Keeping Up With Fraudsters: A Month Isn’t Enough

As the Government of Canada campaigns for improved fraud prevention and awareness this month, I’d like to do my part as a fellow Canadian, and shed some light on why payments need to stay a step (or more) ahead of fraudsters, today more than ever.

Prime Time for Real-Time

Global Payment Trends
As the world adopts real-time payments, how does your market stand to benefit?