Mahala Johnson

Head of Product Management at ACI Worldwide

Mahala Johnson serves as Head of Product Management at ACI Worldwide. In this role Mahala leads product strategy for ACI’s bill payment solutions including ACI Speedpay and drives innovation for billing and payment solutions for several industries. Mahala has 20 years of product management experience in the financial services industry, including leadership roles at First Data, Western Union and eBay.

Articles by Mahala Johnson

Mobile bill payment barcode scan concepts


Understanding Alternative (Bill) Payment Methods

Apple first introduced Apple Pay on September 9, 2014, promoting it as “a new category of service that will transform mobile payments with an easy, secure and private way to pay.

Using mobile device to pay bills


Mobile Wallet Payments Are on the Rise — But What About for Bill Pay?

While consumers have spent more time at home and more time on their mobile devices, a growing number of them have set up mobile bill notifications — and billers need to take notice, especially when it comes to advances like mobile wallets.


Digital Disbursements: The Future of Insurance Customer Relations

In the insurance industry, where the cost of acquiring a new customer is 7 to 9 times more expensive than retaining an old one, strong customer relationships are vital to success. And, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, adapting to customers’ needs is more critical than ever. To remain competitive, providers must continually evolve to meet the growing expectations of today’s insurance policyholder. Despite advancements in payment technology, more than a third of business-to-consumer disbursement payments are still made by check. This can be an expensive and slow process for insurers, especially in comparison to faster payment methods available. Many consumers now expect far more direct and advanced payment processes.


Success Speaks: UC San Diego Health Transforms Bill Payments to Improve Patient Satisfaction

Primum non nocere, “first, do no harm,” is a Latin maxim that serves as a fundamental principle of the medical community. Essentially, the phrase states that in some cases, it may be better to do nothing than to intervene. For UC San Diego Health, however, intervention was necessary to transform their billing and deliver an improved payments experience for their patients.


Success Speaks: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Talks Meeting Member Demands in Healthcare

When looking for a payments success story in the world of healthcare, you’d be wise to turn your attention to the Great Lakes and the work done by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBS MI). In a recent webinar with AHIP (America’s Health Insurance Plans) and ACI, Faran Farooqi, Strategic Capability Implementation and Operations for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, shared his insights into how his organization addressed the challenges of today to deliver a great payments experience for their members.


Increasing Collections & Satisfaction: Real-Time Payments for Loan Servicing

The old adage that “cash is king” is precisely that: old. In today’s world, convenience is king and real-time payments deliver it in spades. Consider that convenient ways to pay can reduce late payments by up to 76%, while reducing call center volumes by up to 83%, and it’s no wonder lenders are expanding their offerings over time to include checks, ACH, debit cards and now real-time payments.

Prime Time for Real-Time

Global Payment Trends
As the world adopts real-time payments, how does your market stand to benefit?


A Master Class in Convenience: Faster Payments for Higher Education

Paying for college can be a real pain, and the act of paying tuition itself has not kept up to speed with the times. According to Aite Group, 40% of tuition payments are made by ACH (electronic check), making it the most popular method of payment for higher education. Yet, these payments can sometimes take several days to process. In a world where college students send and receive over 120 text messages per day, immediacy is key. Especially when large dollar amounts are being spent. Students and parents demand that payment options conform to their expectations of speed, to prevent their accounts from being overdrawn.


A Prescription for Profitability: Real-Time Payments Come to Healthcare

When it comes to important numbers in the healthcare sector, you’re probably familiar with 120/80 (that’s ideal blood pressure for the non-medically inclined), but I’d like to introduce you to two more numbers: 15 and 47. 15 is the percentage of healthcare spending due to billing and payment inefficiencies, while 47 is the percentage of patients who would leave a hospital for a better payment experience1.