Katrin Boettger

Principal Public Relations Manager at ACI Worldwide

Katrin is a former TV business correspondent who moved to the ‘dark side’ of PR ten years ago. She leads ACI’s PR efforts across the EMEA region. Among her responsibilities are to manage external relationships with the press and to make sure ACI’s voice is heard across the region.  

Articles by Katrin Boettger

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Progressive Platform Modernization — Eight Steps to Success

The need to modernize legacy systems has never been more keenly felt, but the risk of big bang migrations has never been higher.


Real-Time Payments: A Mix of Simple, Smart and Secure Will Be Crucial for Further Adoption

In our global payments report, we predicted that 2020 would be Prime Time for Real-Time. And that was before the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of real-time and digital payments around the world, which quickly became a necessity in keeping citizens safe and businesses afloat. During the recent ACI Edge Virtual event for banks and intermediaries, we discussed the challenges of real-time adoption with some of the industry’s leading experts. I caught up after the event with Lisa Neary, head of payments at Co-op Bank UK, Ian Gausden, head of real-time payments at Mastercard, Vincent Brennan, head of group payments and business continuity management at Bank of Ireland and Enrico Albertelli, head of payments and digital banking solutions at Nexi.


EBAday 2020: Reaping the Full Potential of Real-Time Payments

Real-time payments are growing rapidly worldwide. In fact, according to ACI’s Prime Time for Real-Time report, more than half a trillion real-time payments transactions will be processed over the next five years. ACI’s Dean Wallace, director solution leadership, Real-Time and Digital, recently took part in an EBAday panel to discuss what businesses need from banks to reap the full potential of real-time payments, how fintechs can assist and how collaboration can be advanced on a global scale. I caught up with Dean to discuss the latest insights.


Strong Customer Authentication: New Rules Will Trigger Profound Changes in Many Organizations [Q&A]

One of the biggest industry issues for the payments community right now is strong customer authentication (SCA) – the new regulation for card payments, including card-not-present or eCommerce payments. This is due to come into force on December 31, 2020 in the EU, and on September 14, 2021 in the U.K. ACI recently brought together industry stakeholders for a webinar entitled Competition Versus Compliance: How an SCA Exemptions Strategy Can Grow Your Business. I spoke with these stakeholders about the challenges, but also opportunities, that SCA will bring to the payments industry.


The Nordics’ P27 Initiative: Payments in Uncharted Waters

The advance of real-time payments around the world seems unstoppable, with 45 schemes currently live and a further 13 (at the time of writing) in the planning stages. In Europe, the Nordics’ P27 initiative – the world’s first integrated multi-country, multi-currency, real-time payments platform spanning Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway – promises to make headlines as it takes payments into uncharted waters.


Payments Modernization in the Cloud: An Inflection Point in the History of Payments

Public cloud is one of the big buzzwords in payments right now. While a few years ago financial institutions were reluctant to embrace the technology, they are now among the most likely to do so. ACI discussed the topic of Payments Modernization in the Cloud during a recent webinar, moderated by Finextra’s Head of Research Gary Wright. Katrin Boettger caught up with the panellists — Ciaran Chu, head of cloud at ACI; Peter Hazou, business strategy leader at Microsoft and Lu Zurawski, practice lead, retail banking at ACI — about why the COVID-19 pandemic might be a further catalyst for the worldwide adoption of cloud technology.

Prime Time for Real-Time

Global Payment Trends
As the world adopts real-time payments, how does your market stand to benefit?


Scale, Speed and Differentiation – How Acquirers Can Thrive in the 2020s

New players, changing consumer behaviors and expectations, shrinking margins and more regulations – the world of acquiring is changing fast. How can acquirers thrive in the 2020s? ACI debated this question during a recent webinar, and I talked to the participating panellists – Carlos Perez Rubio, senior principal product manager, ACI Worldwide, George Peabody, partner, Glenbrook and David Gale, vice president – Technology, Moneris – and asked them how acquirers should prepare for the future.


COVID-19: Global eCommerce Sales are likely to rise beyond the crisis and businesses need to prepare accordingly

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, ACI has published a monthly Covid-19 eCommerce Tracker, analyzing global eCommerce sales, consumer purchasing behaviors and fraud trends. Katrin Boettger spoke with ACI’s Debbie Guerra, executive vice president at ACI, about the latest eCommerce trends and the long-term changes the pandemic may bring for consumers and merchants.


COVID-19 Crisis Will Accelerate Launch of New Digital Payment Services Underpinned by Real-Time Payments

The COVID-19 crisis, and the fact that many millions have been self-quarantining at home, contributed to a spike in eCommerce growth in sectors such as retail and gaming and changing payment behaviors. Katrin Boettger spoke to Adam Needel, principal solution leadership manager —real-time payments, to discuss the impact the crisis may have on the future of digital and real-time payments.


Prime Time for Real-Time: Why COVID-19 Will Drive More Global Payments Innovation

ACI recently presented the findings of its global payments report, Prime Time for Real-Time, during a webinar moderated by Finextra’s Head of Research Gary Wright. Katrin Boettger talked to the panellists — Craig Ramsey, head of real-time payments at ACI; Ruth Fornell, executive vice president within ACI’s retail payments group; and Leo Lipis, CEO at Lipis Advisors — about the new study, and why the COVID-19 pandemic might be a further catalyst for the worldwide adoption of real-time payments.


No Margin for Error: Acquirers Must Now Master the Art of Reinvention [Q&A]

The digital transformation of banking and growing competition within the industry is rapidly changing the world of global acquirers. Long gone are the days when an acquirer’s primary role was simply to facilitate an acceptance ecosystem for credit card payments. As part of its new “Prime Time for Real-Time” report, ACI recently published No Margin for Error, an eBook looking at the changes — and challenges — facing acquirers. I spoke to Ruth Fornell, our executive vice president – consumer payments, about the key insights, why acquirers are being forced to rethink their business models and what the future may hold.


When It Comes to Payments, COVID-19 Crisis Could Lead to Long-Term Shifts in Consumer Behavior [Q&A]

ACI Worldwide and GlobalData recently launched Prime Time for Real-Time, a new global report tracking and analyzing real-time payments volumes, growth and dynamics across 30 global markets. According to the global research, an industry first, more than half a trillion real-time payments transactions will be processed over the next five years. I discussed what the findings mean, and how the COVID-19 pandemic might be a further catalyst for behavioral change, with ACI’s global head of real-time payments, Craig Ramsey.