John Gessau

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John has been in the payments industry for 18 years. He started with a technical focus, building and deploying payment systems across EMEA. He spent time leading a professional services team for S1 Corporation and, subsequently, a solution design team. When S1 was acquired by ACI, he led the mobile banking team for a number of years, before transitioning to a focus on Merchant Payment solutions. During his time at ACI, John was responsible for the strategy of ACI’s Merchant Payment Solution. This included a full omni-channel offering, giving merchants the ability to offer a consistent and seamless payment experience across all their consumer touchpoints while managing the system through a single centralized business portal. Besides the core focus on merchant solution strategy, John played a leading role in driving innovation inside ACI – having launched a world-class mobile payments solution and integrated new and valuable capabilities for merchants into the ACI offering.

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