Ian Rubin

Director & Practice Lead, Retail Banking & Consumer Payments, Americas at ACI Worldwide

As Practice Lead, Ian analyzes the complex and quickly developing transformational changes in the retail financial services industry, assesses their impact to the banking and payments ecosystem, and communicates this information through the development of business models and value propositions to ACI’s strategic clients, and to ACI’s sales and product development teams. Among the many topics he studies are omnichannel banking, faster payments, mobile payments, card fraud controls, and cyber-currencies. Within his portfolio of responsibilities, Ian represents ACI on the Federal Reserve Bank’s Faster Payments Task Force. Before joining ACI in 2014, Ian worked for several industry market analyst and consulting firms, including TowerGroup, IDC Financial Insights, and Mercator Advisory Group, where he established and managed its strategic consulting organization.  Ian has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brandeis University and an MBA from Columbia Business School. Ian is a board member of several civic, community, and social service organizations, but prioritizes trying to keep up with his three teenage daughters. 

Articles by Ian Rubin


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