Giselle Lindley

Principal Fraud Consultant at ACI Worldwide

Giselle's career in financial crime has spanned the public sector, banking and insurance, over a period of nearly two decades for a number of institutions in Australia. She has a postgraduate qualification in Criminal Intelligence, has held a board position with the Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers, and has been a member of the Australasian Card Risk Council, APCA Fraud Committee and Fraud in Banking Forum. When not fighting financial crime, Giselle can be found down on the family farm.

Articles by Giselle Lindley


Tomorrow’s Customer Protection Today: Exploring the Future of Financial Fraud in the Pacific

What does the future of financial fraud hold for banks in Australia and New Zealand? We gathered together ACI fraud expert Mark Southby, as well as Ben Young, head of fraud for Westpac, and Tim Dalgleish, head of pre-sales and professional services for BioCatch, to seek an answer to this question.


Fraud Prevention Is the Frontline of Customer Experience

Digital transformation has done more than disrupt business models. In almost every consumer-focused market – and most business-to-business ones, too – it has fundamentally re-oriented the competitive landscape around customer experience as a core differentiator.


Global Fraud Landscape Evolving Quicker Than Ever – What Banks Need to Know

In the fraud prevention and cybercrime world, we often talk about fraudsters as the ultimate opportunists – looking for any weakness in a system that can be exploited. In recent years, as technological systems have advanced, fraudsters have increasingly turned to ”social engineering” to achieve their goals. Basically, hacking the person rather than hacking the system, as humans become the weakest link in the chain.


Combating Fraud in the World of Open Banking and Immediate Payments: Lessons From Australia

Australia has a problem with online card fraud and scams, not unlike any other advanced economy around the world. In 2017, card-not-present fraud made up 85% of all fraud on Australian cards. What is different now though is the early procurement of risk mitigation advice, industry body engagement and public education campaigns in preparation for the launch of the New Payments Platform (NPP).


Securely Growing Online Sales in 2018: An Australian Perspective

Back in November 2017, I participated in a panel discussion for NORA (National Online Retail Association), where I looked at fraud trends in Australia over the previous holiday shopping season and made predictions to help retailers prepare. Now looking back, I am sorry to say that my predictions were painfully accurate.

Prime Time for Real-Time

Global Payment Trends
As the world adopts real-time payments, how does your market stand to benefit?