Geoff Tunbridge

Director - Solution Consulting, APAC at ACI Worldwide

Geoff is an industry authority who leads strategic solutions consulting for ACI Worldwide. He brings two decades of payments experience in the Asia-Pacific region to his role, which includes the development and delivery of customer-centric solutions that meet the business and process needs of some of the world’s largest financial institutions. Prior to joining ACI, Geoff held senior at organizations including CSC, Accenture, Westpac, National Australia Bank and ANZ.

Articles by Geoff Tunbridge


Transformations and Trends Reshaping Payments in the Pacific

Over the past year, the long-term trend away from cash — and toward digital payments — has really ramped up in Australia and New Zealand. Similar to other global markets with well-established infrastructures, there was a rapid pivot by merchants and consumers to online shopping. In Australia, they quickly adopted “Tap & Go” payments at the urging of the government. The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on payment behaviors and modernization roadmaps are sure to be far reaching, though each country is at very different stages of development in terms of real-time payments.

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Global Versus Local: How Pacific Acquirers Can Compete with Global Giants

Acquirers throughout Australia and New Zealand are facing margin pressures and new entrants into the market. Global acquirers have now set their sights on the Pacific, making it an imperative for acquirers within the region to transform or risk getting left behind.


Real-Time Payments: Global State of Play, Lessons Learned and How to Make Money

There is a lot of noise around real-time, immediate and instant payments. These interchangeable phrases are generally used to discuss the development and domestic rollout of non-card-based methods of payment that provide real-time notification of payment and fast settlement.


Four Questions to Drive Your Retail Banking Payments Strategy in 2019

I keep hearing that it’s “an exciting time to be in payments,” and I certainly agree that there is a lot of noise. However, when I look below the surface, I’d argue that the interesting activity is not with the payment itself, but with all the related events and steps in the value chain.


API Management: The Reason Digital Open Banking Can Fly

When it comes to thinking about the different roles that an API Manager can play for an organization, I personally think that an airport provides the perfect analogy. The customer is the passenger, the third-party organizations using a bank’s APIs are the airlines and the airport itself is the bank. I also think this analogy helps to visualize the variety of API management capabilities – including the role of an API gateway.

Prime Time for Real-Time

Global Payment Trends
As the world adopts real-time payments, how does your market stand to benefit?