Dean Wallace

Practice Lead, Real-Time & Digital Payments at ACI Worldwide

Dean has been in the solution space for over 20 years. Initially starting out at IBM as an IT architect consulting to cross-industry blue chip clients, it was at IBM where, as lead integration architect on an ePOS chip & PIN replacement programme for a leading UK retailer, Dean caught the cards and payments bug. Following IBM, Dean moved 100 percent into cards and payments solution consulting and product management leadership within TSYS, and later with Vocalink. At Vocalink Dean was head of product for what is now known as Pay By Bank App, combining faster payments with mobile payments to replace plastic cards to buy goods (a precursor to PSD2). At ACI Worldwide, Dean has held various product leadership roles covering consumer and merchant management, clearing & settlement, reconciliation, dispute management, mobile payments and now immediate payments and hub solutions. With this latest addition Dean is working with global partners to support the transformation of payments into a digitally-native, real-time industry, supporting any payment, every possibility.

Articles by Dean Wallace

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What’s Next for Real-Time and Digital Payment Experiences?

The payments industry is constantly looking at ways to streamline retail payments, reduce costs, increase security and improve the customer experience. But these efforts inevitably introduce more players into the ecosystem, or lower cost and risk on one side (i.e.

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Payments Evolution Through Innovation: From Dromedaries to Digitization

In the beginning, human civilizations bartered for the exchange of goods and services. Goats for barley, sheep for minerals, camels for pottery, and so on and so forth. This approach lasted for centuries. But societies innovated, adopting the principle of “commodity money” (such as silver, gold or cowrie shells).

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Consumer Payments in Europe: What Are the Trends That Are Here to Stay?

The way we pay for everything, from food to clothes and everything in between, is changing significantly. 80 percent of consumers report they have made more contactless payments than ever before, and nearly a quarter (24%) of these consumers are making more use of their mobile wallets.


European Banks Have the Right Tools to Stay Ahead – But Will Big Tech Overtake?

Open banking and immediate payments have come a long way, according to the panelists who joined me during the ‘Open Banking in an Instant World’ session at EBAday in Stockholm recently. The building blocks are now falling into place through the introduction of national and regional schemes, open banking initiatives, regulations such as PSD2 and the acceptance and use of APIs.


Instant and Open Payments for Consumer Purchases – Lessons Learned From India and Beyond

Did you know that 65% of merchants want to accept instant payments? That’s because they know the customer experience (CX) benefits will drive growth for their business, and they recognize that this payment type will save their business money.


The Potential of ‘Request to Pay’ to Revolutionize Payments

How often have you been in a situation where you realize in the middle of the month that you’re late paying an important bill? And then hit with a wave of dread as you check your bank account with trepidation to see if you can pay? Many of us are lucky to not be in that situation regularly, but most of us have been there at some point, and likely know others who are regularly confronted by this situation.

Prime Time for Real-Time

Global Payment Trends
As the world adopts real-time payments, how does your market stand to benefit?


Consumer Payments: Will ‘Request for Payment’ Be the Next ‘Big Thing’?

This week, NatWest announced that it has teamed up with British mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse to trial a new online shopping system that lets customers pay directly through their bank account, without using a debit or credit card.


How the Merchant Payment Ecosystem Can Create Value in Instant Payments

Recently, ACI conducted some research into the appetite to make use of instant payments among corporates. The results were overwhelmingly favorable, but when we think about the benefits of immediate payments for corporates, it does seem obvious that they would want to leverage this new payment type.


Don’t forget, it’s the shopping experience that counts in mobile payments

It’s Monday morning, I’m in A&E. Not a usual scenario, but with young kids tearing around they do tend to bash into things now and then. So here I am, in the waiting room, my son with a fat lip, and we're both BORED.


5 Steps for Apple Pay to dramatically increase revenues and further disrupt payments

As recent accounts have stated, there are clear challenges with using the iPhone fingerprint scanner at the contactless POS.


Apple Pay and Zapp make Mobile Payments in the UK a reality – who will win?

So, as of June 8th 2015, 18:45 BST, Apple Pay is coming to the U.K.


Is it really possible to have good customer experience through omni-channel banking?

Omni-channel banking is a hot topic, fuelled by the need to provide the best customer experience (CX) no matter what channel a consumer chooses, or how many times they chop and change between channels during a transaction.