Benny Tadele

vice president – Merchant Payment Solutions at ACI Worldwide

As head of ACI’s merchant solutions, Benny has the responsibility of setting and executing the strategic direction of ACI’s Omni-Channel and eCommerce Payment solutions. He has been in the merchant retail payment space for more than 13 years, holding a range of leadership roles across software engineering, professional services and product management. Benny brings a background in high-performance computations, machine learning, deployment of enterprise-wide solutions and engineering scalable and elastic systems to his role. He works closely alongside ACI’s merchant customers to develop innovative payment strategies. Benny’s passion is to provide merchants with a solution that allows them to uniquely tailor a customer journey that consistently wins over the customer – in and outside of the store. In this day and age, where customers are retained and lost during the payment experience, speed, security and convenience are of the utmost importance.

Articles by Benny Tadele

PSD2 and SCA


Los comerciantes y los PSP ven múltiples beneficios en la multiadquirencia

El viejo dicho “menos es más” ciertamente aplica para muchas cosas en términos de pagos de los comerciantes. Menos complejidad, costos más bajos, menos administración e infraestructura que manejar, lo que ofrece beneficios tangibles para los comerciantes y los proveedores de servicios de pago (PSP).

Young woman ordering Christmas gifts online


Os comerciantes e PSP veem vários benefícios na multiadquirencia

O velho ditado “menos é mais” certamente se aplica a muitas coisas em termos de pagamentos a comerciantes. Menos complexidade, custos mais baixos, menos administração e infraestrutura para gerenciar, oferecendo benefícios tangíveis para comerciantes e provedores de serviços de pagamento (PSP).

Customer making mobile payments using NFC at in-store POS device


Building Resilience and Flexibility Through Multi-Acquiring

At one time, merchants saw payments simply as the cost of doing business. Today, however, payments are seen as a strategic battleground—one that can drive revenue and loyalty when done right.

Man making online payment with his credit card


Merchants and PSPs See Multiple Benefits to Multi-Acquiring

The old saying “less is more” is certainly true of many things in merchant payments. Less complexity, lower costs, less admin and infrastructure to manage—these all deliver tangible benefits to merchants and payment service providers (PSPs).


Agnosticity: Giving Fuel Merchants the Freedom and Flexibility to Innovate

The absolute minimum that customers demand from their transaction at the fuel stop is a fast, convenient and secure payments experience. But there is also room for fuel merchants to build loyalty and boost upselling by delivering more than just a good price on fuel and a fast payments process.


Three Merchant Payment Trends to Watch in 2020

In 2019, merchants everywhere were challenged by pressure from new entrants, the continued breakdown of traditional industry boundaries and growing customer preference for a digitally-led or digitally-influenced purchasing experience.

Prime Time for Real-Time

Global Payment Trends
As the world adopts real-time payments, how does your market stand to benefit?