Annett an de Bunt

Marketing Director at ACI Worldwide

Annett is responsible for leading marketing efforts towards ACI's indirect channel partners, specifically payment service providers, ISOs, acquirers, ISVs and VARs. Prior to acquisition by ACI Worldwide in 2015, Annett was Head of Marketing for PAY.ON AG, driving marketing and communications activities for PAY.ON, a leading provider of white label payment solutions for global payments businesses.

Articles by Annett an de Bunt


Innovate and Integrate to Accumulate: Investing in Payments Systems to Drive Growth

Today’s merchants face numerous challenges, which boil down to one central issue: how to succeed in a constantly changing, complex market, while also investing for the future. Merchants need to deliver on growing expectations around the customer experience in an increasingly competitive environment, while battling growing costs and squeezed margins. This pressure extends through the whole business for every merchant, in every sector, and it’s driving merchants to look into every corner of their operations for ways to cut costs and redirect resources.


Defining ‘Openness’ in the Context of eCommerce Payments

Open payments is a relatively new idea that lacks an agreed-upon definition within the payments industry. The “Openness” trend emerged from outside the industry, but disruptors and forward-thinking established players have brought it to the fore in payments.

Prime Time for Real-Time

Global Payment Trends
As the world adopts real-time payments, how does your market stand to benefit?