Adam Needel

Solution Leadership – Real-Time Payments at ACI Worldwide

Adam Needel has worked in real-time payments at ACI for nearly twenty years, across varied roles including solution architecture, software product management, and now in solution leadership. His expertise spans both high and low value real-time payments, including instant/immediate payments, cross-border, ACH and SEPA. By leveraging his extensive and broad experience both in the field and building software, Adam helps customers drive success with real-time payments.

Articles by Adam Needel

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The Increasing Digitalization of B2B Payments

Craig Ramsey has his finger on the pulse of how new payment types are transforming the business of banking. Recently, I recently spoke to Craig, ACI’s head of real-time payments – banking, to get his insights on how these trends will impact B2B payments specifically.

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Accelerating Payments Modernization for High- and Low-Value Payments

From government initiatives to the global pandemic, the demands for modernization have accelerated rapidly in 2021. Financial institutions (FIs) around the world are faced with the challenge of quickly meeting these immediate demands while also preparing for the future.

Real-Time Payments


Ready or Not, The Time Is Now for Real-Time Payments

Research from ACI and GlobalData confirms that demand for real-time payments is only going in one direction: up. The root cause of this increasing demand is rising customer expectations and behaviors; clunky and opaque payment experiences are becoming less tolerable in a world where customers can buy, watch and listen to almost anything with a swipe, tap or click.


The Pathway to Global Real-Time Payments: What Will Be the Impact of SWIFT and ISO 20022?

The whole world is moving toward the ISO 20022 standard, and almost in unison. Globally, most major currencies are planning to shift to the new data-rich standard for either high-value payments or immediate payments (high value being global messaging via the SWIFT network or an RTGS scheme).

Prime Time for Real-Time

Global Payment Trends
As the world adopts real-time payments, how does your market stand to benefit?