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ACI Careers: Saurabh Gupta on Making the Possible a Reality

ACI employees are proud to be driving real-time digital transformation through payment software solutions that enable corporations to process and manage digital payments, power omni-commerce payments, present and process bill payments, and manage fraud and risk.

We’re powered by a diverse team of innovators, experts and possibility makers. In this blog post, we’ll get to know one of those team members: Saurabh Gupta, Head of Professional Services – Americas.

Bringing rich experience to a new role

Saurabh joined ACI in 2001 as a technical consultant. As part of his role, he implemented ACI solutions at customer sites and worked closely with customers to ensure their payment processing success.

Over the years, Saurabh has taken on a variety of customer-facing roles at ACI, as well as roles focused on issues that would directly impact customers. His rich experience at ACI gave him the expertise needed to take on the role of head of North American banks and intermediaries at the beginning of 2022.

Why Saurabh chose ACI… and why he chooses to stay

The technical consultant position at ACI was the second role that Saurabh held after graduating from college.

“What attracted me to ACI was very simple,” he remarked. “It’s a payment processing company, and I thought, “That’s interesting. I use a credit card; I wonder how that works.’”

Curiosity about payment processing is only one of the reasons Saurabh has remained with ACI since 2001. He cites the culture and the opportunities available for advancement as two of the factors in his retention.

“I’m not the only one I know who’s been here for this long,” Saurabh added. “I know several of my colleagues who have been here longer than I have. To me, that speaks volumes.”

“We are a global company,” he noted. “We have offices in many parts of the world. Our customers are located in different parts of the world. We value culture.”

Saurabh appreciates that there is respect for a variety of opinions and cultural differences at ACI.

“I think that’s what makes us unique and strong,” he reflected. “You get to work with other people, and they can learn from you.”

In addition to the culture at ACI, Saurabh points to the abundance of opportunities available.

“I’ve had the opportunity to learn different things and take on different roles,” he commented. “I haven’t been doing the same thing for the past 22 years. ACI allows you to take on different challenges and learn from them, and then move on to the next role.”

Three factors that put ACI in a class of its own, according to Saurabh, are that it’s a global company, clients are located around the world, and employees can learn something new every day.

Leading digital transformation for ACI clients

Saurabh feels proud of what he has accomplished during his tenure at ACI. Some of the clients he has had the opportunity to work with are major companies – household names.

One of the most memorable projects Saurabh worked on was moving Speedpay (a solution ACI acquired from Western Union) to the ACI data center.

“It was a unique project because there were 250 customers and the goal was to not impact their service,” Saurabh explained. In addition to the large number of customers and the imperative to maintain service, there was also a tight timeline. Saurabh and his team completed the project on time, which he called “a big achievement.”

Another project that offered Saurabh an exciting professional challenge has been the cloud transformation upon which ACI has embarked. The project centered upon all aspects of the cloud, from moving existing applications to making other applications cloud-enabled so they could run in the cloud.

Saurabh is proud of being part of ACI’s cloud-native journey.

“It involves building our payments software from the ground up to run in the cloud,” he explained. He emphasized that each of the components in this transformation has been mission-critical and has a direct impact on consumers, whether it’s internal or external.

Focusing on the future

As the head of North American banks and intermediaries, Saurabh is excited for what the future holds in this role. He feels lucky to be leading a highly experienced team focused on customer satisfaction.

While he has accomplished a great deal during his time at ACI, the field of payment processing is evolving faster than ever, offering numerous growth opportunities.

Want to make possibilities happen? Join ACI. Check out our careers page.

Head of Professional Services — Americas