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ACI and the Euro Banking Association

ACI and the Euro Banking Association

By understanding the deliberations taking place at the Euro Banking Association (EBA), ACI is better able to collaborate with multiple European industry groups to shape policy and influence payment regulation. As a leading software provider to EBA members, ACI shares a common mission to foster dialogue and expertise amongst payment industry practitioners towards a truly pan European vision for payments.

What is the Euro Banking Association?

The EBA provides guidance on how to evolve and strengthen payment networks to its 170 members from the European Union and across the World. In recent years, the EBA has played a major role in actively supporting banks in their migration to the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) and in other bank-driven initiatives requiring hands-on co-operation at a pan-European level. This work has included contributing to the development and improvement of pan-European business practices in cooperation with regulatory and industry bodies as well as communicating and explaining these business practices and other industry developments to the EBA community and to the wider industry.

The EBA regularly organizes educational seminars on payments-related topics. The main objective of this educational program is to provide professionals with new insights into key business, technology and regulatory developments impacting the European payments industry.