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ACI and Pay.UK

ACI and Pay.UK

ACI is a highly focused software enterprise that enables real-time, any-to-any payment transactions to occur regardless of time, location or type, supporting payments with the notion that the purchaser directs the payment to his/her provider of choice to satisfy the transaction in an efficient and secure environment. As such, ACI shares all the ideals of Pay.UK and is ready and willing to aid in any future payment developments that the organization may wish to undertake.

What is Pay.UK?

Pay.UK, formerly known as NPSO, operates the UK’s national retail payment systems; Bacs, including Direct Debit, Faster Payment, and the Image Clearing System, the digital way to process cheques. These systems work silently in the background, enabling banks, building societies, and non-bank payment service providers to meet the needs of their customers, whether for business or personal payments.

Pay.UK has a vision for a better payments world for all, and are determined to enable a vibrant UK economy. They do that by creating more access to safe, robust, and best-in-class infrastructure, in turn stimulating increased competition and innovation, based firmly on the needs of people and businesses across the UK.

As the recognized operator of the UK’s critical retail payments systems, Pay.UK has a once in a generation opportunity to work alongside participants and stakeholders to shape retail payments for the future.