Corporate Responsibility

Since our founding, ACI Worldwide has remained committed to serving our customers with the highest standards, and giving back to the communities across our global footprint. We look to amplify these efforts and others in our focus areas as we continue our corporate responsibility journey.

Responsible Business Practices

ACI builds and maintains positive business relationships with our customers by adhering to a highly ethical set of standards that comply with laws and regulations worldwide, which are reflected in our corporate governance and policies such as the Anti-Slavery policy. 100% of ACI employees complete compliance programs annually.

We are committed to ensuring transparency in how we use, collect, share and transfer our customers’ personal data which is always accessible through our trust webpage. We comply with privacy laws all over the world, such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Inclusion and Equity

One consistent theme among our global employee and customer base is the importance of ensuring that everyonehas the tools, access and opportunities to actively participate in the growing digital economy. 

Our Coding for Girls Camps have introduced more than 200 young women to basic coding and similar concepts, such as the Agile methodology. We are dedicated to supporting important global initiatives such as promoting gender pay gap transparency as highlighted in our UK Gender Equality statement.

We have participated in industry panels and organizations, and are honored that our employees have received external recognition and awards, such as The Advocate for Women Award, the Most Influential Women in Payments and Forty Under 40.

Our Women in Payments blog series features recent insights and interviews from the women of ACI.

Responsible Stewardship

As a leader in the development of digital and electronic payments, we believe that our solutions deliver invaluable benefits to our environment and resources. As we continue to grow and evolve, we want to ensure future generations can continue this digital transformation.

We have converted our U.S. and Indian offices to LED lighting, which we believe has cut our lighting electrical load roughly in half. We utilize building management systems to help limit the use of air conditioning. We also offer single-stream recycling in our U.S. offices and globally we encourage the use of reusable ceramic mugs or recyclable, compostable paper cups where possible.

We’re proud to offer four hours of volunteer time off each month to allow our employees to give back to the causes they support.

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We do not currently accept unsolicited funding requests, but if you have additional questions or feel your organization aligns with our goals, please email our corporate responsibility team.

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Sustainability Overview

A review of ACI’s environmental, social and governance efforts.