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Transaction banks recognize the challenges that lie ahead, and in some areas are embracing new approaches that they see as essential for the future. Investment is expected to grow as banks battle new entrants, introduce new technologies and comply with new regulations. The majority of transaction banks expect their investment in payment system to increase in the foreseeable future.

Key insights:

  • 85% of respondents cite improving infrastructure as the main driver for additional investments in payments, closely followed by competitive pressure (75.5%) and customer protection requirements (74.0%)
  • 72.7% say they have a clearly defined payments roadmap
  • 37.0% see regulatory uncertainty as a hindering factor in the use of distributed ledger/blockchain technology but the majority have pilot programs or are preparing internal deployments

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Global Payments Insights Overview


Payments and commerce is being disrupted as consumers and corporates are demanding speed, convenience and simplicity. Banking and payments are being radically altered as the industry marches towards digital services. New entrants are providing the market with new tools and incumbents are feeling threatened.

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Global Payments Insights For Financial Institutions

Retail Banks

The retail payments industry is an increasingly competitive space, and banks face mounting pressure. They need to deliver on growing expectations for enhanced payment experiences while, in many cases, also managing legacy IT and operating under tight budget constraints is a significant challenge.

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Global Payments Insights For Merchant Retailers


Merchants are at the center of the payments revolution. Consumers are demanding speed, simplicity and convenience, merchants are reacting by offering an array of payment types across multiple channels. Accordingly, merchants are giving payments a higher priority and are increasing investments in payment technology. However security remains a concern and at the forefront of merchants minds.

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Global Payments Insights For Billing Organizations

Bill Pay Services

Organizations face growing competition when it comes to their payment services. This is in turn fueling payments development as organizations fight to stay competitive in their market.

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