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APIs and the Rise of Open Banking

Fast, Open, Secure and Disruptive.

New regulations mandate an open banking ecosystem where financial data is shared through third-party APIs.

Building a truly open payments platform puts you ahead of the competition when it comes to generating new revenue streams as digital payments explode.

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Payments Meet the Open Banking Platform


Open banking is a new standard established by European regulators and the UK government, instructing banks on how to deal with their customers’ financial information.

It is an open source API that provides access to third-party developers and applications. It allows software developers to link one discreet software application to another, enabling the two to communicate and interact to develop new functions, capabilities and aggregate accounts.

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Everyone in payments is talking open APIs and open banking. But how can banks protect their existing infrastructure and business, and take advantage of new payment opportunities afforded by the European Union’s PSD2 (Payment Services Directive) and an open ecosystem?

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API technology opens up payments schemes and moves away from proprietary protocols and networks. Some of the more well-known open APIs are being used on platform-type businesses like Facebook, Twitter and Amazon. Open API examples include:

  • Facebook offers an open API that lets any third party access its authentication system, based on a technical standard known as OAuth. This way, businesses can sign up new users without having to manage, secure and maintain their own identity management system, and users get a seamless experience.
  • TripAdvisor’s mobile app allows visitors to locate a restaurant nearby and then offer to book an Uber ride to the location, or a Groupon offer involving a discounted ticket on Ticketmaster. 

  Open API Architecture is Now a Prerequisite for Merchants


The industry is marching ahead with new open banking models and open regulatory environments such as the European Union’s PSD2 framework and open API initiatives. Open Banking has become a movement in payments that’s stimulating competition, innovation and collaboration among all kinds of providers.

In a new open payments report, ACI and First Annapolis answer:

  • What are the key pillars of payments ‘Openness’?
  • How will PSD2 and Open API’s impact my organization?
  • How can I use Open API’s to better meet customer needs?

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New Payments Platform: Drive Opportunity from Disruption

In this webinar replay, learn how financial institutions and intermediaries can drive opportunity from disruption.

  • How to sort the hype from reality – the true nature of disruption
  • Partnering for success in a fast, open and secure, digital-payments environment
  • The opportunities that regulation provides through disruption of the status quo
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Open Trends and Industry Influence

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