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Turning Players into Payers

Understanding the Gaming Payments Experience for U.K. Gamers

Today’s global gaming market represents an almost $138 billion opportunity, and by 2021, it is estimated that mobile gaming alone will be a $100 billion market. In 2018, it is estimated that the U.K.’s 37.3 million gamers will spend roughly $4.5 billion on game-related purchases, making it the 6th biggest games market in the world. Want to claim your piece of that pie?

In this eGuide, we’ll share the results of a large-scale study conducted by ACI and Newzoo on the spending habits of U.K. gamers, with expert insights into how you can crack the code of converting U.K. players into payers. You’ll learn:

  • Which gaming platforms U.K. gamers love most
  • The most popular game franchises
  • What drives U.K. gamers to make purchases (and what stops them from doing so)
  • How U.K. gamers view payments security
  • Preferred payment methods across all gaming platforms
  • And much more!

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