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2016 Global Consumer Card Fraud: Where Card Fraud Is Coming From

ACI Worldwide and Aite Group conducted its biennial global fraud study of more than 6,000 consumers from across 20 countries, revealing that card fraud rates are on the rise worldwide. This research report with accompanying infographic provides detailed global data on why consumers are impacted by fraud and why it matters to financial institutions and retailers, how it impacts customer loyalty and fraud strategies, and their bottom line.

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1/3 Nearly a third of consumers have experienced card fraud in the past five years

17% 17% of debit and credit card holders cite having experienced fraud multiple times during the past 5 years

40% 40% of consumers use compromised account less frequently after fraud

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Join Aite Group senior analyst Ben Knieff for a webinar this July, as he shares the results from ACI Worldwide’s biennial global consumer fraud survey. This webinar will provide insight into how global consumers are impacted by fraud, why it matters to financial institutions and retailers, and how it impacts customer loyalty and fraud strategies - and their bottom line. ACI’s Seth Ruden, Sr. Fraud Consultant, Payment Risk Solutions will also host this event.

Session 1: July 26, 9pm EDT / July 27, 11am AEST
Session 2: July 27, 10am EDT / 2pm GMT / 4pm SAST

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fraud survey

2014 Fraud Survey: Global consumers confidence waver

Aite Group has published a research report on global consumer fraud questioning the confidence consumers have in their financial institutions and payment accounts. 

The report focuses on global and regional card fraud trends, consumer behaviors and attitudes toward fraud, and consumer trust. 

The research report is based on an ACI global consumer survey of over 6,100 consumers in 20 countries. 

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2012 Fraud Survey: Global Consumers React to Rising Fraud

This year’s Global Card Fraud Survey by ACI Worldwide and Aite, finds that one-in-four respondents from 17 countries report being a victim of some type of credit, debit or pre-paid card fraud. Residents of Mexico and the United States reported the highest rate of card fraud experience while citizens of The Netherlands and Sweden reported the lowest incidence. 

The 2012 fraud survey represents the insights and opinions of more than 5200 card holders from 17 countries and focuses exclusively on the impact to the card holder and their state of mind. 

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