Loyalty that pays

Aggregated Loyalty Rewards with Added Intelligence


Create an intelligent loyalty aggregator integrated with the consumer payment for a clear, single view that supports customers to extract maximum value, and delivers on merchant targets for loyalty programs.


1. How to deliver a great customer experience to drive loyalty? Rewards aren’t delivered in real time and aren’t tailored enough to customer desires and needs

2. How to drive loyalty and increased consumer spending? Rewards programs are fragmented and opaque making it difficult for consumers to identify the value and for merchants to build a positive customer relationship

3. How to reduce the cost of operating loyalty and rewards programs? Traditional programs are too broad-brush in their approach to customers, totaling high cost for low returns


1. Create a modern loyalty program with an aggregated portal that plugs into a customer’s preferred existing payments interface, where they can leverage a single view of all their loyalty programs, offers and collected rewards in real time in order to make informed choices about spending by merchant or payments instrument. Include simple controls that allow the customer to set preferences on spending in order to maximize rewards, “save” loyalty towards preferred targets and to feel truly rewarded for their custom.

2. Aggregated spending data, including how customers choose to spend their rewards, gives a fuller picture to the banks, merchants and FinTechs as to how to market to that customer. Traditional rewards have been too paper-based, removing the ability for the rewarder to understand what drove the consumer spending in the first place: luxury goods, once-in-a-lifetime experiences or simply discounts off everyday items to relieve pressure on squeezed budgets. The portal and the data it holds should work to return the joy to the relationships between customer and bank, merchant or new service provider. This in turn will drive consumer spending.

3. Include clear, granular-level controls that allow consumers to grant transaction and behavioral data access by individual business, or business type, for limited time periods or only for specific transactions or transaction types, e.g., debit not credit. Banks, FinTechs and merchants can reward this data access and use it to become highly segmented in their approach; better identify which customers are a good match for their services (saving costs) and offer them rewards that are tailored to deliver value to them as an individual (driving acquisition, retention and profit). 

CX optimization

Make the integration of loyalty into payments seamless. This will be key to delivering on the aims of loyalty programs; increased consumer spending. 

The combination of improved visibility and clarity, combined with free in-app “advice” on how to extract the maximum value for you as an individual is key to making loyalty and rewards programs pay for both consumers and merchants. 

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