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I am pleased to inform you that ACI Worldwide has acquired PAY.ON. 

As you may know, ACI is the Universal Payments (UP) company, powering electronic payments and banking for more than 5,600 financial institutions, merchants, billers, processors and PSPs around the world. With 40 years of payments expertise and customers in more than 80 countries, our solutions enable our customers to process $13 trillion in payments and securities transactions each day, processing transactions for more than 300 of the leading global merchants and 18 of the world’s 20 largest banks.

ACI’s commitment to PAY.ON partners

Partnerships are core to ACI's strategy, and ACI is committed to fully supporting PAY.ON's relationships going forward. PAY.ON's leadership team of Markus Rinderer, CEO, Christian Bamberger, CTO and Tobias Schweiger, COO, will join ACI and focus on continued innovation of PAY.ON solutions and integration with ACI's solutions — all with a keen focus on partner needs. 
As a PAY.ON partner, you will benefit from access to ACI's broader portfolio of UP solutions, including CNP payments fraud, in-store solutions, disputes management and more.  
In addition, the expanded scale of the combined ACI/PAY.ON also provides direct benefit to you and your business. The two companies together deliver a bigger R&D investment, a broader global market presence and a larger team of payments experts, compared to what would be possible separately.  
For example, ACI applies more than 14 percent of revenue to R&D on an annual basis and maintains multi-year roadmaps for strategic products. We have a world-class, global SaaS organization, and our support team is renowned for delivering the 24x7x365 support essential in the payments market. 
We look forward to the opportunity to introduce you to the broader capabilities of the ACI Worldwide portfolio, discuss your needs and share our enthusiasm for building a long-term relationship with you.

Warm regards, 
Phil Heasley 
President & CEO 
ACI Worldwide

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