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Thriving Post PSD2: Conquering SCA Compliance

Five Ways to Achieve SCA Compliance

While PSD2 is positive for consumer security, the directive has already caused headaches for banks. They’ve had to work out how to provide third-party
access securely and efficiently — while grappling with the fact they are now competing on a broader stage. Now, they also need to navigate providing an appropriate amount of friction to balance the demands of SCA with a positive customer experience.

Embracing top-of-the-range exemption technology is one thing, and your customers will certainly be delighted if you’re able to provide a friction appropriate experience while keeping their data and accounts secure.

To turn SCA compliance into a competitive differentiator, financial institutions will need a clear strategy. This guide will equip you with five key points to help you conquer compliance and thrive in a post-PSD2 world.

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