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Helping to Shape Immediate Payments Schemes Around the World

ACI has implemented UP Immediate Payments to meet the unique requirements of different country schemes including UK Faster Payments, The Clearing House real-time payment system, Zelle Network, Singapore FAST and the New Payments Platform in Australia. We are helping to define and drive the initiatives in the United States and Europe.

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global perspective

UK Faster Payments

SCT Inst – What Seems the Same Is Very Different

Europe is once again involved in a major payments transformation programme. Immediate payments, also known as instant, or real-time payments is coming to mainland Europe, with individual countries and the region as a whole now looking to implement new schemes.

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Connecting to the UK Faster Payments Scheme with ACI Worldwide

With the introduction of the New Access Model, U.K. Faster Payments is opening up to new participants, enabling more financial institutions, payments service providers (PSPs) and other new players to connect to the scheme.

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Designing the Future of European Payments

Learn how Immediate Payments are impacting the banking landscape today, and the challenges as well as the opportunity for banks to increase their relevance and retain their all-important customer relationships.

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United Sates Faster Payments

United States Faster Payments

Access The Clearing House (TCH) and Zelle Network with ACI’s UP Immediate Payments Solution. ACI offers rich functionality and deep experience from serving on the US Federal Reserve’s Faster Payments task force and Secure Payments task force. ACI is helping The Clearing House to design and build an access capability that can be managed directly by participants or alternatively utilized through a fully managed cloud-based service, providing a range of functionality from basic connectivity to stand-in processing, risk management and fraud prevention.

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Singapore Fast

Fast and Secure Transfers (FAST), formerly referred to as Giro 3 “G3” payments, is Singapore’s response to the demand for faster payments between parties and serves both businesses and consumers. ACI supports Singapore FAST with a solution based on UP Immediate Payments that is live in Singapore today.

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Singapore Fast
Australia New Payments Platform

Australia New Payments Platform

We are building upon the existing, proven capabilities for our real-time solutions in other markets to offer Australian organizations a solution that easily and quickly enables New Payments Platform (NPP) processing.

The extensible solution speeds the availability of new overlay services.

Industry Leadership

Standards Working Groups

ACI is a part of standards working groups such as the ISO20022 Real Time Payments group, Euro Banking Association (EBA) Instant Payments Forum and European Payments Council Scheme Technical Forum (ESTF), as well as payments and security task forces for the US Federal Reserve faster payment initiative. ACI chairs the International Payments Framework Association (IPFA) Rules Committee.


One of the first organizations to sign a letter of commitment with the UK FPSL to deliver aggregator solutions (full service, multi-tenant and single-tenant).

Global Experience

Experience with payments processing across the globe including real-time fraud, sanctions and AML controls.

BIAN Member

Member of the Banking Industry Architecture Network.