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Win New Business by Outsourcing Payment Processing

In a highly competitive payments landscape, Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), merchant service providers and payment facilitators are seeking a solution for their merchants that is closely tailored to their business requirements. The ACI’s UP eCommerce Payments solution addresses both local and cross-border payments securely anytime and anywhere through any channel.

Our modular white-label payments solution includes the integrated ACI PAY.ON Payments Gateway and the ACI ReD Shield fraud management tool, which combined offers innovative technology based on an open payment architecture, and an extensive international network through one single integration point.

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Boost sales with omni-channel payments

The ACI PAY.ON Payments Gateway is multi-tenant and real time. It has the most extensive global network with hundreds of card acquirers and alternative payment methods around the world. This allows ISOs and merchants to configure the best local payment sets to meet specific business needs. Advanced business intelligence tools include added monitoring, reporting, and managed recurring billing and tokenization.

The ACI PAY.ON Payments Gateway is available to ISOs, merchant service providers and payment facilitators as a full white-label gateway, or as a gateway expansion. A single integration point reduces complexity and gives access to the RESTful open API and all payment methods. Ready-made payment widgets and mobile SDKs make it simple to integrate and provide a seamless payments journey through checkout for high customer satisfaction. Flexible options enable tailoring to specific business needs for omni-channel and cross-border payments processing. This reduces cost since the development work is done for you.

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Grow Further, Faster

Successful international expansion requires offering not just the right payment methods and acquiring options, but also the ability to configure them quickly and efficiently. ISOs, merchant service providers and payment facilitators who are looking to expand their business into new markets benefit from a simple integration to ACI’s global payments network with hundreds of card acquirers and alternative payment methods around the world.. ACI offers immediate global coverage to ISOs through a single integration to the white-label modular payments gateway that is feature-rich and fast to keep up with merchant demands and reduce attrition from them moving to other providers.

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Protect Hard Earned Revenues

Fraud is a constant threat in eCommerce. Merchants demand the most sophisticated fraud prevention to safeguard their business. For ISOs, merchant service providers and payment facilitators to remain competitive, they must offer the strongest protection for payment processing. With Card Not Present as our core focus, ACI ReD Shield Fraud management has the largest global negative consortium database, business intelligence and analytics tools, and certified eCommerce fraud prevention analysts. Our real-time reporting provides instant decisions for accept, challenge, deny to reduce charge backs and leaving good sales on the table, while enhancing the shoppers’ eCommerce experience. ACI’s best-in-class antifraud solution ensures fraudsters are blocked and genuine shoppers welcomed avoiding good sales left on the table.

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Your Technology Partner for Business Growth

To thrive in a global marketplace, ISOs, merchant service providers and payment facilitators require a superior technology infrastructure. ACI's UP eCommerce Payments solution is built upon open payment technology that rapidly adapts to any market and any business need, across regions and countries. Trust us with the heavy lifting in technology, so you can focus on your core business.

You benefit with faster time to market for domestic and international expansion, reduced merchant attrition, and increased revenue from existing customers, while attracting new ones. Innovation is the core of the UP eCommerce Payments solution. Developing technology that drives ISO, merchant service providers and payment facilitator success is our focus.

Are you looking to expand your business with a simple “one-stop” global payments solution and reduce setup costs? Then ACI is the payments partner for you.