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Own the Entire Merchant Relationship

The challenge for many acquirers today is that they are connected to multiple legacy eCommerce payments gateway systems. Many acquirers cannot rapidly adapt to changing market trends and are burdened by higher maintenance, development and operational costs.

The ACI UP Payments solution allows acquirers to take advantage of powerful transaction processing capabilities as a modular white label payments solution. This combines the integrated ACI PAY.ON Payments Gateway and the ACI ReD Shield fraud management tool, which enables acquirers to offers innovative technology based on an open payment architecture, and an extensive international network through one single integration point.

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Provide Faster Time to Market with the Multi-Tenant Payments Gateway

Successful international expansion requires offering not just the right payment methods and acquiring options, but also the ability to configure them quickly and efficiently. ISOs, merchant service providers and payment facilitators who are looking to expand their business into new markets benefit from a simple integration to ACI’s global payment network with hundreds of card acquirers and alternative payment methods around the world.. ACI offers immediate global coverage to ISOs through a single integration to the white-label modular payments gateway that is feature-rich and fast to keep up with merchant demands and reduce attrition from them moving to other providers.

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Protect Hard Earned Revenues

Fraud is a constant threat in eCommerce and shoppers now engage with merchants through more channels and payment methods than ever before. They demand ever faster order fulfillment both within and across borders. To protect and grow business online, acquirers need to offer their merchants a fraud prevention and risk management solution that is closely tailored to their individual needs and capable of adapting rapidly. The UP eCommerce Payments solution includes ReD Shield real time fraud management capabilities that enable acquirers and merchants to protect revenues, support growth and enhance shoppers’ eCommerce and mCommerce experiences – with ACI Universal Payments, shoppers get to pay anytime, anywhere and on any channel.

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Your Technology Partner for Business Growth

To thrive in a global marketplace, acquirers demand superior technology infrastructure. ACI's UP eCommerce Payments solution is built upon open payment technology that rapidly adapts to any market and any business need, across regions and countries. Trust us with the heavy lifting in technology, so you focus on your core business.