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Real-Time Payments Report

Prime Time for Real-Time Global Payments Report

Exclusive new report with insights from 53 real-time markets

See the Big Picture in Real-Time Payments

ACI Worldwide, a leader in real-time payments, is excited to share our latest Prime Time for Real-Time report. Now featuring 53 global markets, get unparalleled insights and expertise on the trends, technologies and initiatives driving real-time success.

“It has been proven out that, combined with the perpetual motion of mobile utilization and the digitization of everything, real-time payment systems offer a foundation for economies to be more dynamic.”

George Evers
Senior Vice President, Real-Time Products, Mastercard

“The journey to real time for payments is an inextricable one and the obvious destination for all payments irrespective of whatever rail they travel on.“

Peter Hazou
Director, Business Development, Financial Services, Microsoft

“It is increasingly essential that all participants in the payments ecosystem develop a payments modernization strategy that includes real-time payments as a key component of that strategy.“

Reed Luhtanen
Executive Director, U.S. Faster Payments Council

As real-time payments continue to redefine our global economy, this essential report delivers unparalleled insights to help you chart your path to real-time success.

  • Explore the markets that are leading the way for real-time payments (and how they’re doing it)
  • Get exclusive data showcasing the economic impact of real-time for 30 countries
  • See how digital overlay services, open banking, cross-border payments and more are driving revenues
  • Discover the trends and technologies driving real-time prosperity

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Prime Time for Real-Time Snapshot — Global Summary

The Heart of the New Global Payments Landscape

Real-time payments are at the heart of the new global payments landscape, set to account for a quarter of electronic payments globally by 2026. With paper on its way out, this dramatic rise in digital payments will impact everything from fraud management to cross-border expansion.

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Where Payments Go, Fraud Follows

As more consumers rely on digital and real-time payments, fraudsters are increasingly targeting the online space for sensitive information. While card fraud is declining, digital wallet account and social engineering hacking are on the up.

Top Real-Time Payments Growth Markets

While real-time payments are growing around the world, markets including Pakistan, Croatia and Peru are expected to lead the way in the next five years. Explore our latest Prime Time for Real-Time report to learn how financial institutions can leverage high-growth markets to accelerate revenue growth.

It’s Prime Time for Real-Time Payments

View the full report for in-depth insights on 53 global real-time markets plus economic impact analysis on 30 countries.