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Real-Time Payments Modernization

Enable Compliance and Competitive Advantage in the New Real-Time Era

The rise of real-time payments, combined with real-time information and data initiatives in the high-value payments space offer an opportunity for banks to meet these changes with a strategic approach: payments modernization.

“SWIFT gpi has become the new standard in global payments and a catalyst for unprecedented change in the industry. It is making possible a future where cross-border payments are as convenient as domestic ones – instant, frictionless and ubiquitous.”

Leo Lipis
Chief Executive, Lipis Advisors

Explore the relationship between real-time payments, ISO 20022, Universal Confirmations and SWIFT gpi. Additionally, learn how to:

  • Address changes in high-value payments with a strategic approach
  • Turn compliance costs into competitive differentiators
  • Implement an agile, phased approach to payments modernization
  • Create speed to market with new rich-data services

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