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ACI Web Access Services is an ideal product suite for users who rely on the availability and scalability of HPE NonStop, IBM System z, IBM System p and Oracle Solaris servers for transaction processing and require these applications to participate in a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to take advantage of industry web service standards. With Web Access Services, organizations can give new life to existing applications and offer new web-based services to end users.

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Web Access Services

Fomerly known as Webgate, the ACI Web Access Services suite allows legacy applications  to expose existing applications to peer systems as well as PC clients and Web browsers.

ACI Web Access Services supports new GUI client development, standard 6530 and 3270E terminal emulation or automated data stream transformation to give users a range of options for integrating application  services across the enterprise.

In addition to offering a variety of web browser access options, ACI Web Access Services acts as an HTTP gateway server, providing interface access to the transactional sub-systems including HPE Pathway, NET24-XPNET,  APPC-based or message-based host applications.

With these interfaces, users can extend web services access to any number of existing applications as well as remote HPE NonStop or IBM® systems.

When used with ACI Enterprise Security Services, ACI Web Access Services secures Internet transactions with the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS). 

Data arriving or leaving the server can be encrypted according to a number of well known algorithms, so clients or servers can securely connect to and protect information in transit. 

For applications exposed using SOA services, ACI Enterprise Security Services, provides industry standard support of WS-Security for ACI Web Access Services

A critical component of UP Payments Risk Management solution, part of the ACI Universal Payments strategy.