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Isolated Payment Appliance Manager is a centralized server that oversees the daily management of Isolated Payment Appliances distributed throughout a retailer’s organization.

In‐store Isolated Payment Appliances are managed from the corporate office by Isolated Payment Appliance Manager. This centralized manager provides automated procedures such as log consolidation and archival and downloading application and system updates. Together, Isolated Payment Appliance and Isolated Payment Appliance Manager help provide a turn‐key approach for easy device management while isolating payments from your POS hardware to allow you to keep them out of scope for PCI.

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  • Centralized configuration and change management tracking for each Isolated Payment Appliance
  • Centralized update management for distribution down to each Isolated Payment Appliance
  • Automatic consolidation of Isolated Payment Appliance logs
  • Integration to existing client log management systems such as Log Logic, GFI Events Manager, Tripwire, Splunk, Arcsight and others
  • Continue to use existing, non-PCI compliant POS platforms and software
  • Eliminate the requirement to update and distribute operating system updates and security configuration controls to each POS register
  • Eliminate the requirement for host security controls, virus scanning and intrusion detection software on POS registers and servers