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Taking POS Out of PCI Scope

Isolated Payment Appliance (IPA) is an in-store device that reduces the PCI scope of the POS network by isolating the payments portion of the purchase experience away from the POS.

IPA manages the payments portion of your customers' checkout experience by directly driving the payment devices, such as PINpads, on behalf of the POS network. This serves to reduce the scope of the POS responsibilities of integrating to new PINpad devices and managing PCI regulations.

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  • ACI On Demand enables retailers to further reduce the scope of PCI as well as costs associated with directly managing a payments switch.
  • ACI Retail Commerce Server with in-store solutions deliver an end-to-end solution that enables retailers to support more payment types through more channels than any other supplier, at the lowest possible cost.
  • ACI Retail Commerce Server is the only integrated platform enabling retailers to directly manage and differentiate their offerings for gift cards, rewards, check acceptance and returns.