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Accelerate growth by outsourcing payment processing

Payment service providers (PSPs) and independent sales organizations (ISOs) expanding business both domestically and internationally require advanced gateway systems.

Our white label global payment gateway offers innovative technology based on open payment architecture, and an extensive international network through one single integration point.

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Integrated fraud prevention

Integrated fraud prevention

Fraud is a constant threat in eCommerce. Merchants need to employ the most sophisticated fraud prevention to safeguard their business, and PSPs and ISOs that offer payments need to offer the strongest protection. PSPs and ISOs also need to protect themselves against fraudulent merchants. ReD Shield is a real-time fraud prevention solution that is integrated with the PAY.ON gateway, enabling companies to protect revenues, support growth, and enhance shoppers’ eCommerce and mCommerce experiences. ACI’s best-in-class antifraud solution, ensures fraudsters are blocked and genuine shoppers welcomed.

Keeping up with merchant demands

Global eCommerce is a significant revenue opportunity for PSPs and ISOs. Legacy platforms can constrain growth, and often fail to provide sophisticated fraud prevention, business intelligence tools and cross-border processing needed in international markets. The ACI PAY.ON global payment gateway delivers scalable infrastructure to meet your ever-evolving needs in the marketplace.

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Your technology partner for business growth

To thrive in a global marketplace, payment providers require superior technology infrastructure. ACI's white label global payment gateway system is built upon open payment technology that rapidly adapts to any market and any business need, across regions and countries. Trust us with the heavy lifting in technology, so you focus on your core business.

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Crafting solutions for future success

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Modular Solution

As a modular solution, the PAY.ON gateway can conveniently be adapted to any business need. Every PSP or ISO is different. They operate in different markets, offer unique products to merchants, or specialize in industries that require specific tools.

Our gateway allows PSPs and ISOs to choose only the tools they need, giving them the flexibility to adapt to any situation and provide customized solutions to targeted merchants.

Core Modules

The PAY.ON gateway automatically has everything a PSP or ISO needs to start processing end-to-end payment services immediately: payment pages secured through tokenization, basic global coverage, and tools for reporting, administration, monitoring, and analysis.

Advanced Modules

The gateway features an abundance of additional modules for PSPs and ISOs to choose from. There are a range of internal and external fraud prevention options, the ability to connect locally in more than 160 countries, a variety of business services, and many other ways PSPs and ISOs can offer a distinct payment solution catered for a specific industry or market.