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A suite of security solutions designed for the NonStop platform that offer protection for all TCP/IP communications, granular authentication, authorization and auditing for all NonStop applications and a standards-compliant, NonStop Single Sign On solution.

Providing an open and available online business environment in today’s climate presents many challenges. Arguably, the most important of these is to ensure that those users who should be able to access the environment can and those who should not be able to access it, cannot.  It is also clear that a point security solution, such as simple encryption, is not enough. A range of mechanisms that can overlap and complement each other needs to be put in place.

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Enterprise Security Services

ACI Enterprise Security Services with its ability to secure data across the wire, its web services security features and its Single Sign On capabilities represents the most fully featured security suite available on NonStop Servers today.

ACI Enterprise Security Services were formerly known as SafeTGate

A critical component of UP Payments Risk Management solution, part of the ACI Universal Payments strategy.

ACI Enterprise Security Services Modules


Application Firewall

Provide better security for HPE NonStop resources with secure XML and Web services access to Pathway, BASE24 and NonStop SQL databases.

As more HPE NonStop resources are exposed to the web there is a danger that legacy security controls may be circumvented. Enterprise Security Services:AF ensures that only authenticated and authorized users are able to access protected resources.



ACI Enterprise Security Services:SSL is a full NonStop implementation of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). It supports both client and server authentication and works with any HPE NonStop application and is fully integrated and certified with our BASE24 and XPNET products.

Enterprise Security Services:SSL provides SSL and TLS capabilities on the HPE NonStop server and removes the possibility of sniffing of data within the corporate firewall. It also provides SFTP support which means that all sockets applications on the HPE NonStop platform can now be encrypted and protected.

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